Written Investment Policy Statement

Explanation and Overview:

 The following Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) is designed to capture an initial picture and evaluation of the Client’s current financial situation including their investment portfolio and assets. From this and other information obtained through Client/Adviser interviews and meetings, the Adviser will provide guidance and make recommendations to assist the Client in deciding what changes, if any, may be needed regarding their assets, allocations of their assets, and investment portfolio(s).  The IPS will serve as a “document of understanding” between the Adviser and the Client which will need to be updated periodically in order to remain relevant.

 The IPS is designed to do the following:

  1.  Define the Client’s current financial situation,
  2. Gather Client’s investment profile information including risk/reward tolerances, goals, and expectations.
  3. Define the duties and responsibilities of the Client, the Adviser, and the Investment Manager or Investment Committee (if different from Adviser).
  4. State, in writing, the Client’s investment goals, objectives, and constraints.
  5. Describe proposed investment strategies and styles to be used by Adviser if applicable.
  6. Establish guidelines for portfolio rebalancing if applicable.

 It is the duty of the Client to provide the Adviser with all requested current financial and/or other information to the best of his/her/their abilities. The Adviser will use this information to develop this IPS and the investment recommendations or strategy used for the Client’s portfolios. The Client will also be expected to update the Adviser with any changes to the requested information that occurs in the future. The Adviser cannot be held liable for any inaccurate information provided by the Client.

 It is the duty of the Adviser to treat the Client with a Fiduciary standard of care – meaning the Client’s interests will always be at the forefront, ahead of any individual adviser representative or the Adviser. The Adviser will use various methods including this IPS and Client interviews, conversations, and meetings to collect the information needed to create this IPS document and to recommend an action plan of investment strategies and/or portfolio investments that are designed to accomplish the Client’s goals and objectives.

 As stated above this IPS will be used to gather statistical information about the Client to help the Adviser structure portfolios that are consistent with the Client’s policies and goals as delineated in discussions between the Adviser and the Client.