How we assist you in planning for retirement


Step 1:


Getting to know each other is one of the most important steps.  We discuss goals, retirement resources, and attitudes on risk tolerance.  We outline the process and discuss our services.  This information is unique to you and used to build a customized Retirement Plan.  We do not charge a fee to develop this Retirement Plan.


Step 2:


The information from our introduction meeting will then be analyzed and we begin developing a sound retirement game plan.  We use top financial & retirement planning software to make sure no stone is left unturned.  No two people are the same and your unique Retirement Plan will be customized to you... nothing boilerplate.


Step 3:

present information

Your Retirement Plan is then presented to you.  Our state-of-the-art financial software allows us to calculate and present a variety of scenarios.   There are many variables that are simply out of your control i.e. inflation, interest rates, rates of returns.  We discuss our suggestions and a host of "what-ifs".


who qualifies and why we offer this?

Those ages 55 and over and have retirement assets over $250,000 qualify for this free Retirement Plan.  We update the Retirement Plan annually until retirement.  Questions and periodic meetings are always free.  Retirement is one of the biggest decisions and who you will hire to handle your Nest Egg can be equally daunting.  We offer this no obligation Retirement Plan in hopes that the value that we add makes the decision on when to retire and whom to help you along the way clearer.   



Build a Customized Asset Allocation Plan

At retirement, there are many pressing issues to consider. The myriad of questions and emotions takes a trusted guide to navigate. We offer a collaborative approach with high-tech retirement planning tools designed to construct a successful retirement investment plan.

periodically review your investments

We, typically, review your accounts quarterly or as needed.  We discuss performance, track asset allocation, and talk about any personal changes in life that may change the overall strategy.

We provide ongoing advice when it comes times for such life events as: Social Security, Medicare, Estate Planning options, Tax Planning issues.