Organizing Your Financial Records 

With tax time long over and midyear officially here, it’s a great time to organize your financial records. And the key word here is indeed “organize.” Throwing all your important documents into a drawer won’t help much when an emergency occurs and you (or a family member) need to find a certain piece of paper.  This article is a step by step planner to help you get better organized. (Read Full Article)

Juggling Family Wealth Management Is No Trick

Preserving and managing family wealth requires addressing a number of major issues. These include saving for your children’s education and funding your own retirement. Juggling these competing demands is no trick. Rather, it requires a carefully devised and maintained family wealth management plan.  This article highlights a a few wealth transfer ideas.  (Read Full Article)

What to do if downsized?

It can happen to just about all of us.  It has already happened to some of us.  Being downsized or laid-off is a stressful situation disrupting income and retirement prospects.  Keeping a cool head and diligently navigating the situation is helpful.  Our financial advisers, who have helped hundreds through this situation, share a few more thoughts that may also be of help.  (Read Full Article)

Should I pay off my mortgage when I retire?

"My (insert confidant here) told me when I was younger that I should have my mortgage paid off before I retire," some say. As retirement then approaches, "I'll pay off with savings when I retire" some may reason. Is that a sound financial move? The odds of carrying a mortgage into retirement has increased dramatically in recent years. The question needs examined: should I pay off my mortgage when I retire? (Read Full Article)

when over-saving is a problem

Hard to believe that it is possible to be penalized for over-saving for retirement.  However, the IRS has shown much favor towards Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and wants to balance encouraging saving for retirement with not losing tax revenue .  Sometimes our zeal for saving may not match our prudence in evaluating the most appropriate way to do so.  This article shows the common pitfalls and, more so,  that it is possible to over-save in one retirement vehicle; an IRA.  (Read Full Article)

a world where cash is king and credit is queen

Credit Cards have been around for more than 60 years yet a recent study showed Millennials (adults born earlier than 1980) are shying away from the product more than their generational counterparts.  The Great Recession may have left some younger consumers reluctant to rack up charges. In any case, credit cards have their purpose and can be very useful for routine or even at times large family purchases.  However, horror stories of getting buried in credit card debt are all so true.  This article discusses two main reasons for credit card debt and ways to avoid.  (Read Full Article) 

saving money in the 'marketplace'

Deductibles, Co-pays, Premiums, Oh-My!  Choosing the right private health insurance for you and your family can be scary.  The only thing that varies more than medical coverage offered is the costs.  I recently had to take on such a task in the Healthcare Marketplace to evaluate options for my family in 2015.  Read why I choose a High Deductible plan with a Health Savings Account.  (Read Full Article)