A New Government Resource: Aging.Gov

By Rich Topps, Sr.

The Obama Administration recently launched a website named Aging.Gov.  This new site contains information that seniors may wish to access if they do not have access to advisors to counsel them on the myriad issues unique to senior citizens. The website, which curates a broad range of information on topics ranging from healthy eating habit suggestions to Medicare enrollment, aims to be a one-stop hub to all the available federal government resources for the aging population. It may be a good starting place from which to pursue further information.

There is an extraordinary amount of information, which some may find confusing due to its sheer volume. Although intended to provide a wealth of information to all Americans, not just the seniors, the website is designed for those who may not be as tech-savvy as the millennial generation.  Although more specific personalized information is best obtained from a person’s doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, etc., Aging.gov is probably a good starting point for many.


Source: www.aging.gov