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Is an evaluation of retirement benefits or investments in order? What’s the best mix of investments for your 401(k), SEP, 403(b) or other retirement plan? Have you considered participating in the company sponsored retirement plan but don't know where to begin? Should you rollover your retirement investments or stay with your current plan?  We can help you answer these questions and more.


Are you effectively managing a freelance income? Have you undergone recent changes—divorce, death of a loved one, an inheritance, unemployment or a new job, or relocation?  Would you like build a budget but don't know where to start?  Your family's finances can be likened to a business where balance sheets and statements of cash flow must be reviewed periodically.   We can do this together.


Taxes are a necessary evil.  Yet, through tax minimization strategies, there are still ways to help you keep more of what you earn and give less to Uncle Sam. We can investigate to see whether you are taking advantage of key tax saving techniques.


How much will your children need for college tuition? What’s the best way to save and invest for college? Will you qualify for financial aid? If not, what strategies can you use to minimize college out-of-pocket costs? For grandparents who want to help, what’s the best way?  We can help you find the right balance between preparing for your own financial future and providing a "jump start" to your children's.

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